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A US diplomat was charged by taking thousands of US dollars and gift items from Chinese intelligence agents. It made known to public days after the first summit between President Xi Jinping and president Donald Trump in Florida next week. A 60-year-old Candace Marie Claiborne the accused US diplomat admits that she knew the two Chinese men she contacts regularly were working from the Chinese security services. The money that she took was for revealing US secretes. she just took a cash and smart phone, but the rest of the money went to unidentified a man she lived in Beijing and Shanghai. Candace is a state department employee who kept a top secrete security clearance and had failed allegedly to report her contacts with the Chinese foreign intelligence agents who gave her a thousand dollars and gifts. She was worked for the state department since 1999.

People have talk about using robotic surgery in recent times. Now The anticipation has been ended we have now the most famous surgical robot, the Da Vinci Robot it was approved by FDA. The machine was developed to enhance conventional laparoscopic surgery, it involves utilizing long instruments lacking the maneuverability of a human hand; in fact, with its 7 arms and numerous joints, it has a greater degree of mobility than a surgeon’s hands. This allows for minimally invasive procedures, such as prostatectomies and hysterectomies, to be performed with precision and as fast as possible so you don’t have to worry. They already put the machine to a test. They proved that the robot is faster than a human surgeon. It described as a revolutionary because almost all robots used prior to this were controlled by the surgeon, including the Da Vinci; where the surgeon sat on a console to control the robot’s arms. Therefore, robotic techniques were hugely reliant on a surgeon’s hand skills in operations, even though they offered improved maneuverability. The autonomous robot, as the name suggests; can function on its own, make decisions on its own, adjust to a new situation on its own. During the study, the machine was supervised so mistakes could be corrected but at a nearly sixty percent error-free rate, the surgeon was only needed to make the rare adjustment. The hope is that the machine will only get better at the job; and since the study was published the robot has operated completely unaided

Investors from around the globe digested U.S president Donald Trump’s ability to deliver pledges on his campaign after his first major disappointment. among the best performing sectors, the Stoxx 600 resulted 0.6 % at the close of trade. Legardere the French media group planning to sell its stake in its relay stores business. They also moved basic resources much higher as the sector recovered two weeks’ low after copper prices. the dollar takes off 4 months’ lows to demonstrate investor’s concerns over White House proposals had subside. Many doubt at the White House its ability to do tax cut and infrastructure investment projects in due time after Trump fail to approved the health-care reform bill in the house.  U.S equities stood on strong consumer confidence data, investors said were watching out for developments from the white house agenda.

Huge gold coin worth a million dollars stolen within Berlin’s bode Museum Germany. The coin has face value of 1,000,000 Canadian dollars equivalent to 750,000 U.S dollars. Monday before dawn, thieves got broke in and took a 221 pond equivalent to 100 kilogram of pure massive gold coin. The coin is 1.18-inch and 20.9-inch diameter, it features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. German police said thieves got entered through window of museum about 3:30 a.m. Monday. They broke a cabinet where the coin was kept then escaped before police arrived. They found a ladder that used by the thieves nearby railway.

Cyclone Debbie expected to be devastating in the east coast of Queens Land Australia. That’s why British backpacker are forcing to evacuate the area where the cyclone hit. Townsville, Whitsunday and Ayr is said to be the main track of the cyclone. Weather forecast said it has extremely strong wind, floorings and massive rain. All residents within the said areas are being warned to evacuate particularly for those near to the east coast. They have been told to find a safe place away from the east coast or stay with friends and relatives. But for those whose no safe place to stay, emergency shelters are always available.  Regional Council Mayor Andrew Wilcox, said “we have cyclone shelters. It has a capacity of 800 persons available for those people who is affected by cyclone”. Many flights that is covered by the Cyclone Debbie have been cancelled already.

Refugee entrepreneurs in Australia has been valued boosting the nation’s economy. Three years’ pilot program of Settlement Services international (SSI). They help the majorities of refugee entrepreneurs move off Centrelink payments. Total of about 68% refugees participated who established their business successfully. Jock Collins, professor of social economics at the University of Technology Sydney Business School, has a report on the economic impact of the program.

He stated “refugee entrepreneurs a net gain to the economy. Professor Collins also said: we asked our refugees entrepreneurs: have  you moved off Centrelink? And the majority  of them had moved off Centrelink”. “and we calculated we saved about four, four and a half million dollars. The program itself cost half a million dollars over three years, so you can see that it is the program that actually generates saving”. “the business provides a way for people to help themselves, provide for themselves economically but also socially and to make a difference to themselves and often to the local communities”.

Addiction to smart phones might be the one problem of many people. Some people just can’t be away from their devices, and there are some occasions proved that this habit was fatal. Last December a man from UK died when he was in the bath while using his iPhone. A 32 years-old Richard Bull found dead of an electric shock at his home in earling, west London 11th of December when he is using his iPhone while lying in the bathe. Bull suffered burned some part of his body including arms and chest. His body was found by his body at first she thought he had been attacked. She called the emergency hotline. Paramedics said his body is already dead before they came. Assistant coroner Dr. Sean cummings said that the smart phone companies particularly Apple should have warnings not to charge while in the bathroom. Steve Curtler said that while smartphones and laptops were unlikely to electrocute people if they came into contact with water, there’s a risk of electrocution when devices are plugged into mains supplies. “You’re wet, which conducts electricity a lot better; you’re in the bath with no clothes on, so skin resistance is less. You’re vulnerable in the bathroom,” he said.
In Bangalore India the smoke from engines are not a problem they uses it and recycle it into ink. Nikhil company worker said “what we have built is a retrofit device that attaches to the exhaust pipe or chimneys. This device can be attached practically any exhaust pipe irrespective of the age or type of engine are running and it captures practically whatever particulate matter comes out of it. Once you capture particulate matter it is substantially carbon which is the basis of everything that exist in the world. At present we are recycling into inks which we believe is something that is used by practically everyone in the planet”. Their so-called air ink does have a few restrictions. It will ever come in black and at the moment it is not good enough quality to be used in printers. A company Graviky is giving it to artist who are finding their own uses for it painting and screen printing for example, for use on clothes and bags. If the idea catches on users would expect to remove the exhaust pipe device called a Kaalink (black ink) as often as every 15 days depending on how old and dirty their diesel engines were. Nikhil  insists that it is still better to put the carbon to good use , than just to collect it and dump it.

This was the heart-warming video that was captured when a high school student proposed to his best friend’s sister, who has Down syndrome to prom.

Newton High School’s in kansas senior student Shaedon Wedel, had been planning to ask carlie Wittman, 15, to be his prom date.

The video was posted by wedel, 18, shows him walking towards Carlie. He brought flowers and bag  of doritos, wearing shirt saying: “ I know I’m not Nacho your typical dorito but..I;m going to be cheesy and ask: will you go to prom with me?”

Carlie was so excited and covers her face, accepting his proposal and gave him a hug.

Shaedon known her older brother for a long time and the Wittman has been like his second family.

Why dorito? Shaedon said “why I chose dorito for proposal, because I have known her for 7 years eating doritos. She would absolutely loves them. My goal is to make her special as possible,” he added .”she says she wants to be like Cinderella, and it would mean everything to make her fell that way”


David Rockefeller, the billionaire businessman has died at age 101 years.

Mr Rockefeller apparently  “died peacefully in his sleep” of congestive heart failure at his home in Pocantico Hills, New York, spokesman Fraser Seitel said in a statement. He was the reciepient of 7 heart transplants.

Rockefeller and his wife, the former Margaret McGrath, married in 1940 and had six children – David Jr., Richard, Abby, Neva, Margaret and Eileen. His wife, an active conservationist, died in 1996.

He was the youngest of six children born to John D. Rockefeller Jr. and the grandson of Standard Oil co-founder John D. Rockefeller. With the passing of his siblings, he became the guardian of his family’s fortune and head of a sprawling network of family interests.

As one of the Rockefeller grandchildren, David belonged to the last generation in which the inherited family billions were concentrated in a few hands. The next generation, known as “the cousins” has more people.

Aspects of the Rockefeller brothers’ upbringing became famous, including the 25-cent allowance, portions of which had to be set aside for charity and savings, and the inculcation that wealth brings great responsibility.

David Rockefeller is known to be connected to 911, satanism and freemasonry. In 1967, he was featured in Time magazine with his watch set to 911.

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