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An explosion occur at Kabul, Afghanistan near in foreign embassies on Wednesday, May 31, 2017. According to reports atleast 20 were killed and 300 were injured. A footage from the scene showed a large plume of smoke and officials were going to it to respond. Screaming people, sirens and traffic has scattered this morning. The explosion were caused by a suicide bomber near the German embassy. According to the officials, the injured victims were taken to their local hospitals. According to the Indian Embassy staffs were not harmed.


Female zookeeper Rosa King died when a tiger attacked her at the Hamerton Zoo Park. The 25 acre park is the home to Malaysian and Bengal tigers… The report says that a tiger had entered an enclosure and the female zookeeper died. The female zookeeper died around 11:15 am. The incident was not believed to be suspicious according to the Cambridge Constabulary. The Hamerton Zoo Park said that the incident was a “freak incident” and the full investigation is currently going on and they will be announcing the further details of the incident. According to the management of the zoo safety was never an issue. The zoo management said “ All our thoughts and sympathies are with our colleagues’ friends and families at the dreadful time”

North Korea launched a suspected short-range ballistic missile, Monday May 5, 2017. The missile landed in its sea of East Coast part. According to the South Korean military, the launched was immediately reported to South Korean president Moon Jae-in. The president called an urgent meeting at 7:30 am. The missile was suspected to be a Scud-class Ballistic missile that flew about 280 miles(480Km) and the modified version can fly up to 1000km (620Miles). With the continued testing of the missiles is also the cause of rising the tension with the North Korea. Experts said that the North Korea is gaining useful data in testing their missiles.

US Pres. Donald Trump took a bold move at the international scene. After his speech in front of the NATO leaders, Pres. Trump shoved Montenegro’s Prime Minister Dusko Markovic. After he shoves the Prime Minister Pres. Trump quickly moves front to the group and adjust his suit proudly. The video went viral on twitter and comment by people. According to the White House Spokesman Sean Spicer assume that the president is just moving in his own designated spot. When the Prime Minister asked his opinion about the video, the prime minister has no response.

18-year-old George Cheese was very happy when he got the position at the Audi. But later he started going home with bruises and multiple holes burned in his clothes. Keith Cheese the father of George said that he would never forgive himself for not paying attention to the signs that lead to his son’s death. George committed suicide last April 9, 2016 six months after he started working on Audi. According to his father, George was roaming the house and saying “I have to quit, I can’t go back there”. Mr. Cheese realized that his response was ridiculous, that George should not quit the job and things will be better. Mrs. Purdy Chees his mother was aware of his son’s mental health. She gives his son some medication for his mental state. According to the reports, George has overdose his medicine when she was ill.

They said that in his last few months of his months George has taken seriously the verbal abuse of his coworkers in Audi. After the death of George that they will never allow the same incident happen to other apprentices.

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte declared 60 day martial rule to the entire southern Mindanao region. Tuesday evening when the armed forces of the PH who were trying to suppress the force of Maute group that was a supporter of the ISIS an international terrorist group. The armed forces were trying to reclaim an occupied hospital, jail and other structures at Marawi City. According to Duterte the martial law could be extended depending on how long they will solve the problem.





Defense secretary Delfin Lorenzana reported that a troop raided a suspected hideout of the terrorist that lead to a gun war. The gun battle force the militant to call for backups from their allied groups. Dozens of gunmen occupied a burned church, a college and a hospital. He reported that 12 soldiers were wounded and 2 soldiers and a police officer died at the encounter.

According to the report the Marawi city was in chaos. With the declaration of martial law will help the government to do searches and arrest and detain rebel suspects. According to the secretary the government was still in control of the situation

The fighting started when government forces attacked the hideout of Isnilon Hapilon. He is reportedly chosen to lead the south east Asian branch of an Islamic group. With a reward of 5 million dollars for his head he was listed at the US department of justice most wanted. Troops sealed off major entry and exit points to prevent Hapilon from escaping.


A blast happened at Arianna Grande’s concert and 19 people were dead. The blast happened last Monday, May 22, 2017 10:35PM at Manchester Arena, Manchester, England. The U.K. Prime Minister Theresa was considering it as a terrorist activity. The concertgoers were shocked and terrified as the explosion occurs at the arena. People were confused as the other people panicked as they search for a safe area. The sound of wailing sirens soon cut through the smoky air outside the arena. The explosion happened when

According to a US official “suicide bombing is the probable reason of the explosion. The suspected bomber was a male that was seen at the vicinity. The Manchester Royal Infirmary was blocked off to all but essential staff due to what they called a major incident to accommodate the victims




The missiles is enough to wipe enemies at once. The US Government launched an unarmed INTERCONTINENTAL BALLISTIC MISSILES (ICBM) also known as Minuteman 3. The missile was launched from North Vandenberg Air Force Base last April 26, 2017. According to US military the launching is to ensure effectiveness, readiness and accuracy. With the rising tension of US against the north Korea the two is preparing to show off their capabilities as a nation.


This car slammed the pedestrians passing by the streets of Times Square, NY last May 18, 2017. One person was reported dead and 20 was injured after the crash. The driver was 26 year old Richard Rojas a former member of the Arm Forces with the US Navy, was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Rojas was now in custody of NYPD. The police had confirmed that the intention was not an act of terrorism. The NYPD claims that it was an isolated accident and was still under investigation.


This adorable giant cat were owned by Ms. Hirst and her partner at Melbourne,Australia. They got Omar as a 12week old kitten. They created a social media for omar and his photos were shared many times. This 3 year old cat weighs 14kg (31lb) and measures 1.2 meters long. Omar was fed by a couple of scoops of dry cat foods in the morning; they also feed him human grade kangaroo meat. Omar loves to play at their backyard and really loves to take a nap. He used to play at their trampoline and chowing down kangaroos at night. Omar could be the largest domesticated cat but it was not yet confirmed by the Guinness World Records. Omar also knows how to open doors, shower screens and wardrobes as shown in his social media account.

Credits : Instagram: @Omar_mainecoon