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Taiyuan Iron & Steel (Group), or TISCO, has finally mastered the production of steel components for pen tips after trying for five years. It’s taken a long time for them to crack the production of quality steel balls used in pen tip. Chinese state-owned enterprises have manufactured pens have be reliant on steel imports from Japan.

In 2015, a widely publicised talkshow griped about the problem with big-wigs in Chinese industry. Things have improved, and China now moves up the value-chain. Read more.

North Korea launched a suspected short-range ballistic missile, Monday May 5, 2017. The missile landed in its sea of East Coast part. According to the South Korean military, the launched was immediately reported to South Korean president Moon Jae-in. The president called an urgent meeting at 7:30 am. The missile was suspected to be a Scud-class Ballistic missile that flew about 280 miles(480Km) and the modified version can fly up to 1000km (620Miles). With the continued testing of the missiles is also the cause of rising the tension with the North Korea. Experts said that the North Korea is gaining useful data in testing their missiles.

Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzō Abe is interested in buying BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missile in order to counter the threat from Pyongyang, according to various reports. This was considered because as of now, Japan has no powerful weapon that can cross the Sea of Japan and defend the country against the threats of North Korea.

Since North Korea has its recent nuclear and missile tests, the Japanese government is looking into purchasing Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Japan’s issue with the North Korea had been discussed by U.S. President Donald Trump with Abe last month.

“Trump made clear that the United States will continue to strengthen its ability to deter and defend itself and its allies with the full range of its military capabilities. The United States stands with its allies Japan and South Korea in the face of the serious threat that North Korea continues to pose.” – According to White House.


This New Cruise Train Is Just Astonishing

Are you looking for a great and unforgettable vacation? Here is Japan’s offers a cruise train for you and your family. Japanese industrial designer Ken Okuyama known for Ferrari Enzo designer revealed the latest luxury train travel the “Train Suit Shikishima “from JR East at the ceremony in Tokyo. JR East invested 5 billion yen treating luxury sleeper train. it has two floor of high end rooms with heated kokatsu for warm travel and an exclusive onsen bath. But feast your eyes on the interiors: The white-and-wood lounge car features sculptural walls meant to resemble trees in a forest. The dining car feels slightly retro with geometric paneling and crisp white table linens. The decor of the rooms was inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, with warm wood paneling, washi paper, and clean, rectangular details. The two-story, ultra-fancy Deluxe Suite has its own private onsen bath and heated kotatsu seating area. They offers a four day and three night trip at the price of 950.000 yen or $8000 US dollars per person and it has only a capacity of 34 passengers. Different packages are offered by the sleeper train depending on season so everything is enjoyable and it’s worth it.

Emerging from last year’s recession, many in the financial industry were curious about the Japanese government’s take on its own recovery programs. While these programs included a substantial stimulus package, they also included increases in sales tax and capital expenditures. However, based on a recent statement issued by the Bank of Japan, the nation apparently feels quite positive about its recovery progress; a fact signaled by its announcement of plans to maintain the Bank of Japan’s massive stimulus program.

In the announcement (made Friday), the Bank of Japan not only described plans to continue the stimulus program, but asserted that growth would accelerate inflation to the BOJ’s 2 percent target without any additional monetary easing. This assessment was based on observations of improving business sentiment and an increase in capital expenditures. The Bank of Japan also announced its decision (made by an 8-1 margin) to keep intact a pledge to increase base money at an annual rate of $650 billion per year via aggressive asset purchasing. The Bank of Japan noted in a statement reported by Reuters“Exports are picking up and capital expenditure is rising moderately as a trend as corporate revenues improve.”

The BOJ also revised its assessment on housing investment, indicating that the industry “appeared to be picking up.” Just last month the BOJ had said it believed that housing investment was bottoming out. This revision is not a retraction of the prior month’s assessment, but rather an indication of positive upward movement in this segment of the economy.

Japan experienced a stronger than expected performance in the first quarter of 2015. Prior to this surprise showing, most economists pegged the economy’s projected growth at somewhere under one percent for the year. However, after the reported first quarter showing, some have increased their expected growth rate to somewhere between three and four percent.

Some analysts believe the BOJ may become more hesitant to ease for fear of weakening the yen. The value of the yen sank significantly during the recession, which has actually served to help the still sagging export market, but has drawn criticism from the public and lawmakers. A strong yen has often been a source of national pride, and the Governor of the Bank of Japan is expected to address the nation after the next BOJ meeting to discuss the pros and cons of a weak yen.