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The Politically Correct Definition of Racism Is Racist

Guest Post by Dr. John Hunt Image credit: Tom Pierce. Racism is a fire that the political class can’t put out, perhaps because they don’t want to. Intentionally or not, the politicians, media and academics are all stoking the fires. The historically racist term colored people has been replaced by the cool and fully … Continue reading “The Politically Correct Definition of Racism Is Racist”

Hedge Funds Suffer Massive $22.5 Billion In Q4 Outflows

While there were countless argument offered to explain December’s near-record market drubbing, we said on several occasions last month that the simplest reason for last month’s plunge was also the simplest one: faced with a mountain of redemption reque…

Bond Market Week In Review For January 14-18

Trump, Kim To Hold Second Summit In Late February

After months of waffling about the prospects of another summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump, the White House announced Friday afternoon that a meeting has finally been tentatively scheduled for late February, follo…