Climate Change Hucksters

Guest Post by Hardscrabble Farmer If you pay close attention to things going on in the world in a very general way without getting involved, you begin to notice patterns that reflect something else going on under the surface of it all, a script that features a consistent narrative which moves to some far off … Continue reading “Climate Change Hucksters”

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2:00PM Water Cooler 5/20/2019

Today’s Water Cooler: Nouriel Roubini on China v. US, Democrat insiders on a brokered convention, Biden, Inslee, Sanders, Democrats on FOX, Democrat big tent, national activity index, device ownership, Happy #WorldBeeDay, Game of Thrones debacle, AFL-C…

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This $25 Billion Discovery Could Trigger A New Oil Boom

No Texan in energy history has won bigger in unconventional oil and gas than Marc Bruner… the Chairman and CEO of Fortem Resources Inc. (TSXV: FTM.V; OTC: FTMR). He calls his latest “$24 billion river of oil” find, “His greatest find in his career”. …

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Technology, Convenience…..and Death

Reader Petter S sent along a recent article The Myth of Convenience, by L.M. Sacasas, Director of the Center for the Study of Ethics and Technology. The piece covers a lot of ground in a relatively short space, so I encourage you to read it in full, al…

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Which Companies Have the Highest Revenue Per Employee?

Submitted by Priceonomics

Each year, the annual Revenue Per Employee rankings for the S&P 500, the 500 largest American companies listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ are relased. Revenue Per Employee (RPE) can be a measure of how efficiently companies util…

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John Soh trial: Compliance gaps, procedural lapses

As the trial of the alleged masterminds of the 2013 penny stock crash enters its fourth week, witnesses have admitted to lying in their statements to the police, confessed to ignorance and “imprudent” actions and agreed with suggestions that perhaps th…

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Earnings Recession Ahead?

Authored by Daniel Lacalle,

With the first quarter earnings´season almost over, we can say that the risk of an imminent earnings recession is far greater than what is discounted by an optimistic market.

We must start by understanding that the “positi…

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“One Heck Of A Reality Television Fight”

Authored by MN Gordon via,

The world’s a better and brighter place when your portfolio’s growing like spore bearing mushroom fungus.  Horizons are expanded.  Perceptions are broadened.  And the secrets of the universe are all within …

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The Bulls Are Betting On A “Long Shot”

Authored by Lance Roberts via,

Over the last several weeks, we have been discussing the potential for a market correction simply due to divergences in the technical indicators which suggested near-term market risk outweighed t…

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