Vegas Mole Hunted by Rogue FBI Brass; Death Threats Made to True Pundit over Mandalay Bay Investigative Series

Via True Pundit The rogue faction of the FBI — leftover disciples of the Andrew McCabe-school of federal law enforcement — have waged a manhunt to find FBI personnel who are leaking REAL details about the Mandalay Bay massacre to independent news media. You might think the FBI would spend its time running down leads … Continue reading “Vegas Mole Hunted by Rogue FBI Brass; Death Threats Made to True Pundit over Mandalay Bay Investigative Series”

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Nomi Prins: Collusion – Central Bank Money Rules The World

Authored by Nomi Prins via The Daily Reckoning,

Central bank credit that supports markets – is not just creation of the Fed, but by central banks and institutions around the world colluding together. Global markets are too deeply connected these days …

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The hit that went tragically wrong

In recent months there has been underworld chatter that the Comancheros have gone too far – not by targeting Rasooli – but by killing an innocent.

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Why China May Win The Space Race

Submitted by Denison Smith,

Recently, Elon Musk – the same “political grandstander” that once stormed out of President Trump’s advisory councils and said he doesn’t have the right character to be the leader of the free world – tweetstormed the preside…

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Dreamer’s Dream

After Trump hammered Democrats yesterday for failing to agree to terms on DACA, this seemed somewhat appropriate.

Dream on…


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Can The Gulf Of Mexico Break Its Oil Production Record?

2017 was the highest producing year for oil in the GoM and included the record month in March. Gas, which has tended to come from shallow water wells, had accelerated decline. The production would have been higher but for some disruptions from Hurrican…

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Trump: Conflict Between His Words And Deeds

Guest Post by Paul Craig Roberts President Trump (belatedly) congratulated Russian President Putin on his smashing reelection and said, again, that he favored getting along with Russia. Yet, how can Trump mean it when he follows up by appointing John Bolton, America’s most notorious warmonger, National Security Adviser? It makes no sense. Bolton is the … Continue reading “Trump: Conflict Between His Words And Deeds”

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JPMorgan: “We See Risk Of Institutional Capitulation”

One week ago, JPMorgan – which at the start of March warned that  based on the recent “erratic behavior of retail investors” the idea that retail investors will serve as the marginal buyer of equities in the current environment was in jeopardy – found …

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Regime Change At The Eccles Building: From Greed To Fear

Excerpted from Doug Noland’s Credit Bubble Bulletin…

Deutsche Bank (DB) dropped 13% this week to a 15-month low. DB is now down 28% y-t-d. European banks (STOXX) sank 5.0% this week. Hong Kong (Hang Seng) Financials were down 4.9%. Japan’s TOPIX Ban…

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“Pinging” Us

Guest Post by Eric Peters It’s said the best way to corral a feral hog is by steps. The first step is to put out a bucket full of feed and just let the hog eat. He gets used to the bucket appearing, full of food, at a given spot and at a given time. … Continue reading ““Pinging” Us”

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David Rosenberg: “It Was Black Friday Before Black Monday”

“It could never happen again…” is the constant refrain of the asset-gatherers and commission-takers around the world as they prepare to defend their livelihoods from yet another delusion-clarifying plunge back to reality for stock prices.

Well, af…

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China Prepares Death Blow To The Dollar

On March 26 China will finally launch a yuan-dominated oil futures contract. Over the last decade there have been a number of “false-starts,” but this time the contract has gotten approval from China’s State Council. With that approval, the “petroyuan”…

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The CLOUD Act passed. It destroys privacy globally, so it had to be snuck into the $1.3 trillion omnibus without debate.
Encrypt. Encrypt. Encrypt. Go Dark.
When privacy is criminalized, only criminals have privacy. We got sold out, again. pic.twit…

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Central Banks Have Killed Free Trade

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via The Daily Reckoning,

Defenders and critics of “free trade” and globalization tend to present the issue as either/or: It’s inherently good or bad.

In the real world, it’s not that simple. The confusion starts with de…

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Azerbaijan-Europe Gas Pipeline Gets $1B In Funding

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved 932 million Euros ($1.15 billion) in loans for the Trans Anatolian gas Pipeline (TANAP) being constructed across Turkey to carry gas from Azerbaijan to Turkish and European markets. The announcement of th…

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I don’t have a Facebook page. I briefly had a TBP Facebook page years ago, but I pulled the plug because I didn’t trust Zuckerberg. It seems my distrust was warranted. My wife does have a Facebook page she uses to connect with friends and family. She did have the App on her phone that … Continue reading “FACEBOOK IS BIG BROTHER”

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Zuckerberg Scrambles To Calm Facebook Employees

Following a horrendous week of damage control through a choreographed game of MSM softball, Mark Zuckerberg is now trying to calm down Facebook employees in the wake of a massive data harvesting scandal.

A March 18 exposé by The Guardian detailing h…

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