In Bangalore India the smoke from engines are not a problem they uses it and recycle it into ink. Nikhil company worker said “what we have built is a retrofit device that attaches to the exhaust pipe or chimneys. This device can be attached practically any exhaust pipe irrespective of the age or type of engine are running and it captures practically whatever particulate matter comes out of it. Once you capture particulate matter it is substantially carbon which is the basis of everything that exist in the world. At present we are recycling into inks which we believe is something that is used by practically everyone in the planet”. Their so-called air ink does have a few restrictions. It will ever come in black and at the moment it is not good enough quality to be used in printers. A company Graviky is giving it to artist who are finding their own uses for it painting and screen printing for example, for use on clothes and bags. If the idea catches on users would expect to remove the exhaust pipe device called a Kaalink (black ink) as often as every 15 days depending on how old and dirty their diesel engines were. Nikhil  insists that it is still better to put the carbon to good use , than just to collect it and dump it.