Addiction to smart phones might be the one problem of many people. Some people just can’t be away from their devices, and there are some occasions proved that this habit was fatal. Last December a man from UK died when he was in the bath while using his iPhone. A 32 years-old Richard Bull found dead of an electric shock at his home in earling, west London 11th of December when he is using his iPhone while lying in the bathe. Bull suffered burned some part of his body including arms and chest. His body was found by his body at first she thought he had been attacked. She called the emergency hotline. Paramedics said his body is already dead before they came.

Assistant coroner Dr. Sean cummings said that the smart phone companies particularly Apple should have warnings not to charge while in the bathroom. Steve Curtler said that while smartphones and laptops were unlikely to electrocute people if they came into contact with water, there’s a risk of electrocution when devices are plugged into mains supplies. “You’re wet, which conducts electricity a lot better; you’re in the bath with no clothes on, so skin resistance is less. You’re vulnerable in the bathroom,” he said.