Refugee entrepreneurs in Australia has been valued boosting the nation’s economy. Three years’ pilot program of Settlement Services international (SSI). They help the majorities of refugee entrepreneurs move off Centrelink payments. Total of about 68% refugees participated who established their business successfully. Jock Collins, professor of social economics at the University of Technology Sydney Business School, has a report on the economic impact of the program.

He stated “refugee entrepreneurs a net gain to the economy. Professor Collins also said: we asked our refugees entrepreneurs: have  you moved off Centrelink? And the majority  of them had moved off Centrelink”. “and we calculated we saved about four, four and a half million dollars. The program itself cost half a million dollars over three years, so you can see that it is the program that actually generates saving”. “the business provides a way for people to help themselves, provide for themselves economically but also socially and to make a difference to themselves and often to the local communities”.