People have talk about using robotic surgery in recent times. Now The anticipation has been ended we have now the most famous surgical robot, the Da Vinci Robot it was approved by FDA. The machine was developed to enhance conventional laparoscopic surgery, it involves utilizing long instruments lacking the maneuverability of a human hand; in fact, with its 7 arms and numerous joints, it has a greater degree of mobility than a surgeon’s hands. This allows for minimally invasive procedures, such as prostatectomies and hysterectomies, to be performed with precision and as fast as possible so you don’t have to worry. They already put the machine to a test. They proved that the robot is faster than a human surgeon. It described as a revolutionary because almost all robots used prior to this were controlled by the surgeon, including the Da Vinci; where the surgeon sat on a console to control the robot’s arms. Therefore, robotic techniques were hugely reliant on a surgeon’s hand skills in operations, even though they offered improved maneuverability. The autonomous robot, as the name suggests; can function on its own, make decisions on its own, adjust to a new situation on its own. During the study, the machine was supervised so mistakes could be corrected but at a nearly sixty percent error-free rate, the surgeon was only needed to make the rare adjustment. The hope is that the machine will only get better at the job; and since the study was published the robot has operated completely unaided