Yesterday Palm Sunday were Christian around the world commemorate Jesus Christ entry into Jerusalem. At least 49 people died on bombing inside the church in Tanta and another church near in Alexandria in Egypt. The bombing was claimed by a ISIS terrorist group and the suicide bombers identified as Egyptian. President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi declared the state of emergency effective from 1pm (9pm AEDT) Monday. The president stated “We have to pay attention because of Egypt and Egypt’s future. We know this is a big sacrifice but we are capable of facing it. The attack will not undermine the resolve and true will of the Egyptian people to counter the forces of evil, but will only harden their determination to move forward on their trajectory to realize security, stability and comprehensive development, a series of steps will be taken, most importantly, the announcement of a state of emergency for three months after legal and constitution steps are taken,” Sisi ordered to deployed military troops all over the country.

Footage moments before Egypt church bombing