The openly gay Chief Executive Officer of Australian airline Qantas, Alan Joyce was a fierce advocate of same-sex marriage has been hit with a pie in his face. This event happened when he was to talking to 500 audience at business breakfast in Perth. An unknown man went up the stage when Joyce was speking for 2 minutes already. Luckily that he was not harmed and returned to the stage after cleaning his face.

Alan Joyce was regularly highlighted on lists of the world’s most powerful and influential LGBTI business people and also often speaks out about the benefits of diversity and inclusion for business. He also been known for writing an opinion piece for supporting gay marriage in Qantas. He also discussed whether companies and CEOs should express opinions on social issues, stressing that they should.

‘I don’t know what that was about. Now, if there are any more pies can we get it over with now!’- Alan Joyce said.

Alan was discussing to the audience about Qantas’ new nonstop flights from Perth to London. And he has been taking a pro side for same-sex marriage and it was not sure if the incident was connected to that.

According to BBC, the mysterious man who hit Alan with a pie was detained in the security before turning him over to the police.

Western Australia Police spokesman said: ‘We’re currently investigating the incident and interviewing the individual concerned.’ One audience also described the incidence as “bizarre situation”.