Pres. Rodrigo Duterte declared 60 day martial rule to the entire southern Mindanao region. Tuesday evening when the armed forces of the PH who were trying to suppress the force of Maute group that was a supporter of the ISIS an international terrorist group. The armed forces were trying to reclaim an occupied hospital, jail and other structures at Marawi City. According to Duterte the martial law could be extended depending on how long they will solve the problem.





Defense secretary Delfin Lorenzana reported that a troop raided a suspected hideout of the terrorist that lead to a gun war. The gun battle force the militant to call for backups from their allied groups. Dozens of gunmen occupied a burned church, a college and a hospital. He reported that 12 soldiers were wounded and 2 soldiers and a police officer died at the encounter.

According to the report the Marawi city was in chaos. With the declaration of martial law will help the government to do searches and arrest and detain rebel suspects. According to the secretary the government was still in control of the situation

The fighting started when government forces attacked the hideout of Isnilon Hapilon. He is reportedly chosen to lead the south east Asian branch of an Islamic group. With a reward of 5 million dollars for his head he was listed at the US department of justice most wanted. Troops sealed off major entry and exit points to prevent Hapilon from escaping.