18-year-old George Cheese was very happy when he got the position at the Audi. But later he started going home with bruises and multiple holes burned in his clothes. Keith Cheese the father of George said that he would never forgive himself for not paying attention to the signs that lead to his son’s death. George committed suicide last April 9, 2016 six months after he started working on Audi. According to his father, George was roaming the house and saying “I have to quit, I can’t go back there”. Mr. Cheese realized that his response was ridiculous, that George should not quit the job and things will be better. Mrs. Purdy Chees his mother was aware of his son’s mental health. She gives his son some medication for his mental state. According to the reports, George has overdose his medicine when she was ill.

They said that in his last few months of his months George has taken seriously the verbal abuse of his coworkers in Audi. After the death of George that they will never allow the same incident happen to other apprentices.