11 soldiers were killed and 7 injured during an airstrike on Marawi, on Southern Island of Mindanao.  PH Armed Forces were fighting ISIS linked group called the MAUTE group. The group objective was to control the Marawi City with 70,000 residents. According to the reports last Wednesday two jets were conducting an airstrike when one struck members of the 55th Infantry Battalion. The government forces need to eliminate Maute snipers, in order to do that they need to conduct airstrike. Martial law has been declared for the entire island of Mindanao, where fighting is ongoing. Earlier this week, officials said government forces were in near complete control of Marawi, but rooting out the last pockets of resistance seems to be taking longer than first expected. According to the reports, it was Thursday that 100 militants had been killed since the fighting broke out on May 23. As of Wednesday, 19 civilians and 21 security forces had died, according to state media. And reports said that some of those fighters are boys as young as 16 or 14. Refugees from Marawi have spoken of seeing child soldiers, and previous ISIS propaganda about the region showed children and young teenagers wearing black bandanas and taking part in training exercises.