Via Voice of Europe

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has an idea on how to solve the migrant problem: “Don’t let them in, and those who are in, send home” “It’s that simple”.

Hungary’s prime minister does not understand why the immigration issue would be complicated. It’s just to not let anyone in, and send those who have already entered Europe home.

At the EU summit in Salzburg, the issue of immigration was discussed. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had a simple solution: don’t let anyone in and send those who have already managed to enter Europe home.

Among other things, the EU has come to the conclusion that Egypt should help prevent so-called boat migrants from reaching Europe.

EU bureaucrats also want to establish a common border control of 10,000 guards, something Hungary opposes because it does not want to hand over control of its borders to the EU. The Hungarian government argues that national and “patriotic” guards are much better.

When Hungarian Prime minister Viktor Orbán was asked by a reporter, at the meeting in Austria, how to solve “the migrant problem,” he replied quickly and concretely:

“Don’t let them in, and those who are in, send home” he said as the NYTimes reports, “It’s that simple”.