Guest Post by Eric Peters

When YouTube and the other two above banned Alex Jones, I wrote a rant about the censorship involved. I got mail from readers who protested that it was not censorship because it wasn’t the government de-listing and de-monetizing  Alex but rather private companies, who therefore have the right to decline service to anyone they wish.

I raised my eyebrows at this – because “private companies” is an abuse of language given we live in a corporatist society in which there is no longer much if any meaningful distinction between corporations and the government.

Consider for example the way the car and health insurance industry has become what might as well be the government, since the government acts as its  collections and enforcement division.

These social media behemoths operate on the same general principle. They effectively own the public square – which is the Internet – which is something the government controls. It’s a difference without a distinction.

To make it a little easier to understand, imagine if the New York Times and Washington Post and LA Times controlled everything that was printed because no one else owned printing presses and could not launch an independent publication. You could not publish because the means of publishing were beyond your grasp.

We have no control over the Internet – and cannot create an alternative Internet. It is the only means of publishing electronically and making available what you publish to others. If a site (or a particular writer) is blackballed, it is no different in practical effect than a gag order issued by the government.

So what’s happening is censorship. And – as predicted – it is not just Alex Jones who’s being censored.

FaceplantBook just shut down 559 pages and 251 accounts – including  The Free Thought Project, Press For Truth, Anti-Media, Cop Block, Filming Cops, Right Wing News, Noisy Room, Gun Laws Don’t Work, Voluntaryist Veterans and several others.

There will be more.

It will probably include this site. Any site which dares to contradict official orthodoxies, especially those questioning “climate change” (which is already being framed as morally despicable denial, on par with gassing Jews) and various other collectivist shibboleths.

This site’s ripping away of the cloak of bullshit surrounding the VW emissions “cheating” scandal and telling the fulsome scurvy truth about the real reasons for the force-feeding of electric cars is bound to result in the eye of Sauron turning this way.

One of my heroes is H.L. Mencken, whom I consider to be the American Voltaire (except Mencken was aa much better writer) once wrote to the effect that every normal man sometimes feels the urge to spit on his hands and raise the Jolly Roger.

Stop using FacePlantBook and other authoritarian collectivist “social media” that is in fact just another facet of the government-corporate nexus which is now openly attempting to control not just just speech but thought in this country.

That time is at hand.

It’s now – or maybe never.