Via Summit News

“Import the third world, become the third world”

Controversial Australian Senator Fraser Anning has called for a “ban on all Muslim and black African immigration.”

Anning put out the call in a tweet earlier today, adding, “Import the third world, become the third world.”

In a separate tweet, Anning made the point that the vast majority of immigration to Australia is from third world countries while also remarking, “We must end all third word immigration. We never consented to this, and are in no way benefiting.”

Anning caused controversy last month following the New Zealand mosque massacre by blaming the slaughter on Muslim immigration, stating, “While Muslims may have been victims today, usually they are the perpetrators.”

He was subsequently struck by an egg thrown by a protester.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison criticized Anning over his comments on the mosque shooting and said that the “full force of the law” would be used to punish him.