HSF asked me to write an essay about a comment I made on M C’s wonderful essay here…https://www.theburningplatform.com/2019/05/10/motherhood-abandoned-part-1-the-lies/ …and tell how it impacts my life.

Since one of the big dogs asked me to do it, I’ll give it a shot. Obviously, I am not an essayist.

The comment…”The truth does not exist”.

That phrase is what comes to my mind whenever I hear examples of futility to avoid lies, fraud, hypocrisy, unjust laws, passing of laws/regulations that accomplish the opposite of what was intended (at least the intention we were told anyway) etc.

An example is the story HSF told about his Western Union customer service experience. The lie is “customer service “. That’s not customer service…it’s an example of the customer doing the serving. And after what sounded like an excruciating experience, the $$ STILL didn’t make it to the recipient.

Every soundbite. Every doctored photo. Every realtors description of a listing. Every muscle monster at the gym (steroids). Organic labeling. Transitioning. Banking/debt. The name of every act or new law/regulation and on and on and on, is enough to make a person believe “The truth does not exist”. HSF wondered(?) if there was a war going on between good and evil. Hell yeah there is and the devil is winning. The truth and who controls it will be the winner and the devil has a big ass lock on that shit. It is beyond valuable. The truth is the most valuable thing on earth and why it is controlled by TPTB as well as anything else that has value. Lies are everywhere. The truth, not so much. Math and provable science, I guess, are the only truths in existence, on earth anyway. Even then, not so much because evidently, women are men and men are women. That and common core math says if you tried, you’re right even if the answer is wrong.

Maybe the truth exists in the church (which church?) or the bible. Hmm, how many versions of the bible are there? Told by who and translated by who? Trust a pastor or priest over your neighbor? Are you f’n crazy or something?

Now, how has this affected my life? I think it has cheapened it. I have turned into the cynical old bastard at the end of the street. I think it has hollowed out all of society. I watch how easily my wife sucks up all the bullshit on Good Morning America. God I hate that show. Women are, imo, very susceptible to the bullshit because it is wrapped in feelings and emotions. One of the biggest most pernicious lies told to women is that motherhood is for losers. Or some such derogatory phrase wrapped in “empowerment”. See how powerful and effective lies are? That’s why they trump the truth. Powerful enough to get women to roll their eyes at their natural proclivities. My 23 yo daughter is pregnant again. Since it brings me great joy, I shared the news a client. She said, “oh no”. I simply told her we were ecstatic about it and moved on. Who is supposed to have babies, 40 year olds and gay couples? (Yojimbo – 2 more beautiful white babies.)

I don’t trust anything or anyone until after the promise has been kept. Yeah, that’s just a smart thing to do…protect yourself. But, we are a long way from a handshake and deep into lawyering up all the way through anything and everything (don’t forget that when she says yes, she can change it to no even after the boinking and she will have schools defending her.) Look, words don’t even have meaning anymore. “It depends what the meaning of the “is” is. I heard a politician answer a question with…”yes, if you are using the the dictionary definition”. WTF!!! What other definition would we use you fucktard?

But Donkey/Wip, read history books. Oh really? Who wrote them? The winners or the losers? Are there not 3 sides to every story? My side, your side and the truth? I had a very religious private school education from 1st through high school. Years ago, I friended my HS history teacher. He is all gung ho about the military. So, even though he is a Christian who is supposed to believe in non aggression and the fact that he knows (he’s got to know) we aren’t in it for democracy, he’s pro bombing the fuck out of people. Yes, I see this as an example of more lies…people say one thing but act/believe a whole other thing. Ever go to church on the 4th of July? Hypocrisy can’t be discerned when dealing with people you don’t know which means, to me anyway, you can’t trust that anyone is telling you what they think. In fact, tomorrow they may say something entirely different to someone else.

Ultimately, I think El Mistico (El Coyote) is correct…Beauty is truth. I’ll add innocence to that. Truth = beauty + innocence. At least that’s how I feel every time I look at my granddaughter. But, then I remember she is growing up in this same putrid mess. The same bullshit school system (unless we decide to pay for private school. But, damn, I’ve got more grandkids on the way. Who can afford many private school tuitions?). Ruled by the same snakes that prey on young minds.

As an aside, what is the average age children learn to lie and manipulate?

My granddaughter is going to be attacked by lies and liars her whole life and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it (maybe she will have a shot if I can convince my daughter to let my wife and I have her every weekend so we can take her to church and hope she doesn’t fall victim to some perv in the church. My daughters went on many camping trips when they were young). It makes me cry. Seriously.

We are so fucked because the truth does not exist. And if it does exist, how long until it is criminalized? Oops, it already has been in some instances. Fuck me. If you do find the truth, it most likely was buried underneath a trillion lies. And if you were to try to bring the truth to light, you have to yell and scream louder than the thousands of crazies who think the truth is equal to whoever is the loudest or who is the biggest victim or who has the most power.

I want to give a shout out to Diogenes’ Dung for his comment….
“You’re well-suited to writing that essay, HSF; you’re The Metaphor Whisperer.
The truth must be approached metaphorically, for it is subjective within human consciousness.
I see “The Truth” for humanity like a stock market with everybody betting their own truth.
The reason that Ultimate Truth, God, is unknowable to humans, is because He ‘recapitulates’ all opposing truths within Him. No human can do that.
Donkey Balls swings a heavy sack – throwing that out, ripe for downvotes in this lion pit. As far as human consensus is concerned, he was 100% correct.”

I’m not saying he and I agree or what we are saying is the same thing. I was just glad that to see his comment.

Why did I make that comment? The lie is “choice “. It isn’t choice, it’s murder.