If you are like me, you’ve been following the rhetoric coming out of Washington lately with increasing concern. Without turning this into a political debate, I don’t trust Trump one single bit when it comes to the 2nd Amendment and gun rights. He’s already betrayed us once, he’s hinted at it again, and he has folded like a lawn chair numerous times. But, even if you do trust him and the rest of the GOP to stick up for your rights, its never a bad idea to hedge your bets, which I will show you how to do cheaply in this post.

A brief explanation of buying AR’s. If you have already done this a few times, or know how this works, feel free to skip this paragraph. The only ‘regulated’ part of an AR-15 is the lower receiver, which is the part that bears the serial number. These are hollow pieces of (typically) aluminum that barely even resemble a firearm. This is the part you must have shipped to an FFL. Every other part of the gun you can order on the internet in most states and have sent to your house.

Check your state laws, but if you live in a relatively free state, at least as far as gun rights go, you can get everything BUT the lower receiver sent to your doorstep. This lower receiver is the only thing considered a ‘firearm’ and is what is being sought after to ban or further regulate. Even during a typical ban, parts of the gun, minus the receiver, can still be obtained.

When something like recent events happens, I will often order another lower receiver. Mostly this is just a small ‘middle finger’ pointed at those who would ban me from possessing firearms. As unreliable as Trump often seems to be, he is probably better than what comes next, which means we have as little as a year and a half to get ready.