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Simon Black Did What?


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Friends, Simon Black has done something you might find surprising.

No, he didn’t burn all his passports or suddenly become an evangelist for high taxes…

But the original Sovereign Man did, in fact, surprise us recently.

He sat me down (Viktorija, the CEO)…

…and asked me to fire him.

Sovereign Man, he reasoned, has grown up.

Nearly 12 years ago, Simon (the pen name for our founder, James Hickman) began writing our free newsletter, Notes from the Field, as a lone, globetrotting, freedom-minded voice in a wilderness of frothy financial excess, soaring debts, and an increasingly hostile view towards capitalism.

Over the years, Simon would regularly visit more than 100 countries, not as a tourist, but as an investor… an entrepreneur… and a boots-on-the-ground researcher and chronicler.

He met with lawyers, realtors, and business owners in countries around the world. He studied these markets, their cultures, their opportunities. He developed tools to support a diversified lifestyle to help himself, and his readers, become more prosperous and more free.

The solutions presented in Sovereign Man’s free and premium products have always emphasized prudence and strategies that don’t have any material downsides.

For example: You’ll never be worse off for using legal means to save on taxes… or having a second passport or additional residency abroad.

Readers also know that Simon is an avid history buff who thinks about lessons from the past that can help us understand where today’s long-term trends are going.

His global investment and travel experience is virtually unparalleled. His highly analytical mind (he concentrated in mathematics at West Point)  combined with keen acumen and experience building multiple businesses, enabled him to grow Sovereign Man into the pioneering, authoritative and internationally respected publication that it is today.

So when he asked me to fire him, I told him what you’d also tell him:

No way.

But we did agree that Sovereign Man has grown up.

We’re now a robust team of analysts stationed around the globe, in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, etc., all with highly internationalized experiences in asset diversification, financial independence strategies… and effective ways to protect and grow freedom and prosperity.

Sovereign Man has become an industry leader, teaching our 150,000+ subscribers how to become more resilient and antifragile in a world gone mad – in a digestible, step-by-step format, including:

  • second passports,
  • robust retirement structures,
  • international trusts,
  • acquiring and storing precious metals the safe way,
  • or other “Plan B” strategies…

We consistently provide boots-on-the-ground, data-driven solutions to help our clients protect the value of their money, increase their personal freedom, and grow… no matter their stage in life. And whether you’re a young digital nomad or a captain of industry, our tools and strategies can work for you.

And while our company has grown up, its core mission has remained unchanged.

We’re here to deliver even more tools and strategies to help you achieve more freedom and more prosperity.

But we ARE evolving and transforming… to meet you where YOU are at in your Plan B journey.

Here’s what you can expect over the coming months from Sovereign Man 2.0 – the evolved, forward-thinking and (even more) data-driven organization we’ve become:

  • We are doubling down on data, creating even more incredible tools that can help you move abroad, choose the right solutions and personalize your Plan B. See our Global Explorer – powered by Sovereign Analyticsfor an example.
  • We are pivoting fully to what we do best – excavating, developing, and analyzing the highest-quality research from around the world, to give you up-to-the-minute information that helps you prosper…
  • We’re developing tools to help you personalize your Plan B, accessible right on your phone.
  • Simultaneously, we’re also moving into professional advisory roles, helping our top-tier clients craft highly effective and efficient plans for alternative residency and citizenship, asset protection, estate planning and more.
  • We’re retooling and improving our already impressive range of premium resources, such as our investment newsletter, The 4th Pillar, our flagship publication, Sovereign Confidential, and our exclusive in-person membership network, Total Access

(More to come on those programs’ evolution and growth as well.)

  • And finally, as I said, we’re not letting Simon go anywhere. You’ll still be able to read Notes from the Field, now called Sovereign Letters. And he’ll continue with his rebooted, insightful Friday podcast – a master class in macro trends and understanding how history repeats itself today.

Simon and I are really excited about the evolution of Sovereign Man, which is now officially Sovereign Research and Advisory.

You’ll see a few changes on our website – beginning with our name and product branding. But we’ll continue to produce the kind of high-quality, actionable intelligence that you’ve come to expect from us.

And Simon will… continue to be Simon.

He’s a bit older now, and wiser. But just as committed to your freedom and prosperity as he was on Day 1. And he will continue to tell the truth, no matter the consequences.



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