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18 Year Old Las Vegas High School Student “Suddenly And Unexpectedly” Dies Of Cardiac Arrest After Gym Class


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18 Year Old Las Vegas High School Student "Suddenly And Unexpectedly" Dies Of Cardiac Arrest After Gym Class

Either there is a new focus in media on reporting about the untimely deaths of athletes and young adults, or something very odd appears to be taking place across the country.

Either way, we are having difficulty keeping up with what now seems like daily headlines about young adults "dying suddenly" - and far too soon - from unexpected cardiac issues. And of course, the left-wing censor-machine remains on overdrive for anyone that dares the thought-crime of asking questions about the related causes of death. 

Recall, just yesterday, we wrote about 21 year old Air Force football player Hunter Brown, who suffered a "medical emergency" while walking to class on Monday of this week and passed away. This came just hours after the MMA world was shocked at the unexpected death of 18 year old Victoria Lee, a rising star on the the ONE Championship MMA promotion, just days after we highlighted Old Dominion basketball player Imo Essien collapsing on the court during the middle of a game and a little more than a week after NFL player Demar Hamlin collapsed on the field due to cardiac arrest after making what appeared to be a routine tackle. 

No sooner did we publish yesterday's article than another popped up in its place, with TODAY reporting on the story of a high school senior who "suffered cardiac arrest and was found unresponsive in the school bathroom" after gym class at Amplus Academy in Las Vegas.

18 year old Jordan Brister could not be saved by the time emergency personnel were alerted to his condition. A friend of his family wrote on a GoFundMe page for Brister that he "suddenly and unexpectedly suffered cardiac arrest while at school with no explanation as to why."

The page continued: "Words cannot express what the Brister family is going through and there will never be enough answers as to why this has happened. He was an amazing kid who loved life to the fullest."

"His family does not know what happened, other than his heart stopped, and he had no medical history and did not do drugs," another report said. 

Even more stunning is that, buried later in the TODAY article about Brister is the reveal that his deal happened the same week as the death of another Las Vegas High School student. Brister's collapse was on January 8, 2023, and another student, 16 year old Ashari Hughes, had died just three days prior "following a flag football game at Desert Oasis High School" and suffering a "medical episode". 

Dr. Adam Kean at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, of course, reminded TODAY that "sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in high-school athletes". But even he remarked on how rare it was: “Even though it is the No. 1 cause, it is remarkably rare, which is important. We estimate that one in 30,000 children die of cardiac arrest each year, and that sounds incredibly small. But that’s still around 2,000 children in the United States each year.”

Meanwhile, the Clark County Coroner’s Office "said the exact cause of Brister’s death is still under investigation".

Tyler Durden Thu, 01/12/2023 - 12:20


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