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Jimmy Darts’ Net Worth: Undercover Kindness Turned This Social Media Influencer into One of the Wealthiest TikTok Stars


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Jimmy Darts is one of the most popular influencers on TikTok and YouTube. This guide explains how he gained social media fame through random acts of kindness. We'll explore his net worth, background, and videos to see what makes him so successful.

Jimmy is a famous social media influencer. His content focuses on surprising strangers with random acts of kindness. Today, his undercover kindness videos garner millions of views. But before becoming a millionaire, Jimmy had his share of trials and tribulations. His inspiring story proves anyone can follow their heart, give back, and achieve tremendous success.

Jimmy Darts Net Worth:$1-7 million
Real Name:Jimmy Kellogg
Date of Birth:February 28, 1996
Birthplace:Walker, MN, USA
Height:6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Source of Wealth:Social Media Influencer
Best-Known For:Random Acts of Kindness on TikTok and YouTube

Who is Jimmy Darts?

Jimmy Darts entered the world on February 28, 1996. His parents—both devout Christians—instilled the importance of giving back at an early age. It was a lesson Jimmy never forgot.

Growing up, Jimmy Darts always had an affinity for making videos. Content creation came naturally to him. "I want to make videos. I like doing crazy stuff. Let's just hit the record button," he remembers saying. Jimmy started his first YouTube channel when he was just a teen. His early videos featured him acting crazy and doing wild stunts.

But after hearing Billy Graham speak, Jimmy asked Jesus to come into his life. He realized his wild party videos didn't honor God and deleted them off the internet.

Thinking his videography days were behind him, Jimmy decided to get into business to work for himself. He learned about Ryan Danial Moran and moved to Austin. At the time, he had no money or connections. Jimmy was broke.

While visiting a local gym, Jimmy ran into Ryan. They started a conversation, and Ryan invited Jimmy to CapCon. But he couldn't afford a ticket. Luckily, Jimmy happened to work at the convention hotel and attended the event as a waiter. He eagerly listened as Ryan taught entrepreneurs how to start an Amazon business.

Jimmy put Ryan's advice to work. He launched a variety of products on Amazon—and failed several times. But finally, one product stuck and brought in enough income for Jimmy to quit his job.

However, Jimmy yearned for something bigger and felt called by God to give back to others. Instead of posting wild party videos, he uploaded random acts of kindness. He became a content creator to travel the world, give away as much money as possible, and radically change people's lives. As he says, "I want to truly bring Heaven to Earth." Jimmy made his TikTok debut in January 2020, and today, his videos amass millions of views.

What is Jimmy Darts' net worth?

Jimmy Darts isn't one to brag about his wealth. But many websites speculate his net worth falls between $1 million and $7 million.

What is MDMotivator?

MDMotivator is the screen name of another well-known social media influencer named Zachery Dereniowski. He has active profiles on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. His do-good videos focus on mental health. Jimmy Darts follows MDMotivator and frequently likes his posts.

What are the key elements of success that Jimmy Darts has achieved with his business?

Jimmy's success wasn't accidental. He followed a strategic plan to ensure his undercover kindness videos gained views and followers. Here are a few of his trade secrets:

1. Developing a strong online presence and presence on social media.

Building a loyal following of rabid fans was a must for Jimmy Darts. His videos had to stand out from over 100,000 influencers on TikTok alone. How did he do it? Jimmy says, "You have to be consistent and put out good stuff. If your video doesn't get any views, it's because your video sucks."

As of January 2023, his follower counts stand at:

  • TikTok: 10.5 million
  • YouTube: 2.33 million
  • Instagram: 1.1 million

2. Connecting with fans and followers around the world.

Fans play a huge role in Jimmy's success. He connects with followers daily by asking them to recommend and donate to his random acts of kindness. Followers get to see their donations put to use in real time.

3. Leveraging his fame to promote his business and brand.

Interviews are an integral part of Jimmy Darts' success. He promotes his brand on podcasts, television, and magazine interviews. His fame also helps him crowdsource donations from loyal followers and like-minded companies.

4. Creating content that resonates with his target audience.

Jimmy Darts never strays from his message to serve others. His target audience knows every video will follow his same tried-and-true formula: a wholesome demeanor, silly antics, and a contagious laugh.

5. Utilizing the latest technologies to maximize his reach.

Social media allows Jimmy to reach millions of followers. He cross-posts content on multiple platforms to increase views. And when asked how he keeps his cameras hidden when filming, Jimmy smiles and says it's a secret.

6. Networking strategically with other influencers and celebrities.

Jimmy regularly partners with other well-known names, including MrBeast, Taylor Lautner, and Rascal Flatts.

7. Developing innovative products and services.

A dedicated Jimmy Darts website gives fans another way to connect with the star. He sells "Kindness Is Candy" merch, including apparel, buttons, stickers, and totes.

8. Investing in marketing and advertising campaigns.

Online marketing campaigns keep Jimmy's name in the public eye and help him grow his fan base.

9. Developing a strong customer service strategy.

As a content creator, Jimmy provides superior customer service by interacting with his followers. On every post, he responds to several fan questions and comments.

10. Collaborating with other businesses and organizations.

Brand deals are a huge part of Jimmy Darts' income. He's accepted sponsorships from several well-known companies, including Cash App.


What is Jimmy Darts' net worth?

Jimmy Darts' has an estimated net worth of $1-7 million.

What is Jimmy Darts' story?

Jimmy Darts always wanted to work for himself. Although he grew up in a small town and started with very little, he followed his dreams and turned his passion for entrepreneurship and content creation into a 7-figure empire. Today, he's one of the biggest names on TikTok.

What are Jimmy Darts' videos about?

Jimmy Darts posts "undercover kindness" videos where he surprises unsuspecting strangers with cash to brighten their day. He often dares individuals to play a silly game or lend him spare change. When they do, he rewards their kindness with $500 to $1000.

This high-achieving YouTuber also made millions by helping people.

How many social media platforms is Jimmy Darts on?

Three. Fans can follow Jimmy Darts on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

What is Jimmy Darts' background?

Jimmy is an American from Walker, Minnesota, a small town with fewer than 1,000 residents. His parents instilled the importance of giving back at a young age by encouraging Jimmy and his siblings to bless a stranger with money every Christmas. He continues this tradition by posting undercover kindness videos on social media. You can read more about Jimmy Darts on IMDb.


With over a million subscribers, Jimmy has built a loyal following by consistently producing high-quality content that resonates with his audience. But he's not just a one-trick pony - Jimmy's savvy business moves have turned his channel into a profitable enterprise.

From sponsored content to affiliate marketing to merchandise sales, Jimmy has found multiple ways to monetize his channel. But what sets him apart from the rest of the pack is his ability to connect with his audience on a personal level. By consistently producing relatable and entertaining content, he's built a community of dedicated fans who keep coming back for more.

Jimmy's success serves as a lesson for all entrepreneurs: by following your passions and building relationships with your audience, you can turn your hobby into a profitable business. And Jimmy's not stopping there - he's diversified his income streams by branching out into other areas, such as book publishing and podcasting.

In a world where anyone can start a YouTube channel, it takes a special kind of hustle to stand out and make a real impact. But Jimmy's story proves that with hard work and determination, it is possible to build a successful business around your passions. So, next time you're feeling down about your own entrepreneurial journey, just remember: if Jimmy Darts can do it, so can you.

Join Us at CapCon and Meet Jimmy Darts

Inspired by Jimmy Darts' story? You can learn more about him in person! 

Here are a few things that will happen when you meet him at The Capitalism Conference:

1. You will learn how to build an audience FAST. Jimmy amassed over 10 million followers in just two years.

No big ad budget. No costly production. Just doing good things for his followers.

2. You will discover what converts. When Jimmy talks about a product, the sales explode. You will discover how to feature products in a way that create sales.

3. You will discover how to work with influencers. Jimmy and I are talking about building a physical products brand. You will learn what it takes to work with an influencer as big as Jimmy.

4. You will leave feeling better than when you came. Jimmy is infectious. He loves people. He loves kindness. And he is a light of goodness in the world.

If nothing else, you will feel like a different person after interacting with Jimmy.

Meeting Jimmy is worth the cost of admission by himself.

Join us at CapCon to meet Jimmy, our other speakers, and your tribe. We'll see you there!

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