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Is New Zealand A Beta Test For Western Governments Micromanaging The Populace?


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Is New Zealand A Beta Test For Western Governments Micromanaging The Populace?

In the wake of the covid pandemic lockdowns and mandates, many western nations and states in the US witnessed a new eye opening level of government intrusion into the daily lives of citizens.  Some, however, dealt with worse scenarios than others. 

New Zealand in particular has popped up time and time again over the past couple of years with some of the most draconian restrictions on the public, and sadly the trend has not stopped just because the pandemic lockdowns stopped.  The island nation seems to be intent on setting the standard for authoritarian policies and government micromanagement, and a series of recent laws are driving home the reality that they do not intend to relent.  

Flashback: In 2018, New Zealand banned all offshore oil drilling exploration in the name of instituting a "carbon neutral future", meaning tight energy restrictions are forthcoming in NZ as the decade progresses.  

In 2019, NZ banned all semi-automatic weapons after the Christchurch mosque shootings, punishing millions of law abiding citizens for the crimes of one man.  Video evidence of the Christchurch shootings is suspiciously illegal in NZ, and anyone caught viewing or downloading the event can be prosecuted.  The gun bans were enforced just in time for the pandemic lockdowns.     

In 2020, the government introduced internet censorship legislation which would give them the power to selectively filter "dangerous content."  Most of the provisions were ultimately scrapped after a public backlash, but future censorship remains a priority for the government. 

In 2021, New Zealand Prime Minister and associate of the World Economic Forum, Jacinda Ardern, openly admitted to constructing a two tier society in which the vaccinated enjoy normal access to the economy, travel and social interaction while the unvaccinated would be deliberately choked with restrictions until they "chose" to comply and accept the mRNA jab.

It should be noted that the Ardern and the New Zealand government were made aware on multiple occasions in 2021 by medical professionals of the risks of Myocarditis for people 30 years old and under associated with the vaccines.  They ignored the warnings and pushed forward with mass vaccination campaigns anyway, including attempts to introduce vaccine passports

This was not necessarily unique, though, as many western countries made similar dismissals of vaccine concerns and tried to promote passports.  That said, New Zealand was one of the few in the west that built actual covid camps designed to incarcerate people with the virus in forced quarantine.  The camps, referred to as "compulsory quarantine facilities", were administrated by the NZ military, leaving no doubt that these were prisons rather than resorts. 

The Primer Minister was finally forced to scrap a large number of covid mandates last year as evidence mounted that lockdowns and masks were mostly useless in preventing the spread of the virus, and that the vaccines do not necessarily stop covid contraction and transmission.  The fact that  the vaccinated now make up the majority of covid deaths is proof enough that the vaccines do not function as officials originally promised. The process of centralizing power has not stopped, though - The tactics have simply changed. 

NZ has introduced a multitude of oppressive laws post-covid that add up to a freedom suffocating atmosphere for the public.

In November, the government implemented a law which forces large financial institutions to disclose climate related risks associated with their investments.  The implications are far reaching, and ostensibly this puts pressure on banks and lenders to avoid financing businesses that are a "carbon emissions risk."  Meaning, if you want a loan from a bank and the government determines you are a "carbon polluter," then you likely will not get the loan.  This could include anything from large manufacturers to dairy farms. 

Speaking of farms, NZ has banned the use of caged chicken farming across the country, creating a massive egg shortage which has led to high prices (This is taking place coincidentally right after the US government culled over 50 million chickens in 2022 due to "avian flu", also causing high prices in America).  

Feeling stressed about this mess and want to smoke a cigarette?  Those are getting banned in NZ, too.  In an unprecedented move, the government has passed a law which blocks any person under the age of 18 as of 2023 from buying cigarettes for their entire lives.  Meaning, cigarettes will be slowly phased out as the younger generation grows older.  Are cigarettes a health risk?  Yes.  But, governments claim that costs to socialized medicine give them a rationale to control people's personal habits.  Today it's cigarettes; tomorrow it could be anything bureaucrats deem unhealthy regardless of actual science.  

And that brings us to NZ's latest authoritarian measure, the Therapeutic Products Bill, which if passed will give the government far reaching authority to manage and restrict the manufacture or sale of natural health supplements.  Want to avoid big pharma and their untested products by taking care of your own body?  You're not allowed.  Alternatives will be erased leaving only drugs and jabs.

This is not only the end result of the western fall into socialism, New Zealand seems to represent a test case for increasing violations of individual liberties and individual choice.  New Zealand could yield a vision of the future for many other nations should western populations respond passively.       

Tyler Durden Tue, 01/17/2023 - 22:00


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