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Is Making Money Grow for you?


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A few weeks ago, we introduced our first class called Making Money Grow.  It took months of writing, research, lesson planning, creative design, filming and editing to make the kind of learning experience we wish was available to us when we first started. 

Back then, we had to piece together insights from dozens of sources like podcasts, books, documentaries, and in-person conferences to develop a point-of-view on why we should invest differently than the previous generation.  Thankfully, we’re curious people and weren’t parents yet because otherwise; we wouldn’t have had the patience to do it, despite how critically important it is to our lives.

Fast forward over a decade later and that same point-of-view has been published by the country’s largest book publisher; through an imprint that is home to prominent thought leaders and incorporated into a body of work we refer to as our “book baby”— Cashing Out.  

Cashing Out has since sold thousands of copies and debuted at number one in all formats across multiple categories its first week on Amazon.  It was named the 2023 Best Overall book about investing by Business Insider, one of the best personal finance books of the year by Forbes along with several other notable recognitions.  Yet—we know deep down, we’ve only just begun.  There are still so many more people to reach and to do that, we need to teach and distribute this wisdom differently.

We know everyone won’t read our book and everyone won’t subscribe to our podcast.  So if we truly wanted to reach more people we needed to meet them where they are and package the message in a way that makes it even more accessible. This would also require us to confront the obstacles standing between the people we want to help and the information they so desperately need.

Let’s be honest.  Many financial education or literacy programs are boring, centered around a guru-style teacher and/or are way too expensive.  So we challenged ourselves to create something that was actually engaging, entertaining, informative, empowering and dare we say—affordable.

And just like that…Making Money Grow was born.

What’s Inside Making Money Grow

You can find all the details about the class at richandregular.com/learn but here’s the skinny. 

There are 26 lessons organized into four modules.  Most lessons are around ten to fifteen minutes long with only a handful approaching the twenty minute mark.  In total, you can finish the entire class in just five hours.

But we’re not just taking turns throwing a bunch of confusing financial terminology at you or showing you mind-numbing charts until your head explodes.  Instead you’ll see us [your instructors] taking turns teaching financial topics, compelling visuals and well-designed slides to help illustrate key points. 

As one of our friends called it—”kind of like Masterclass” which is to say; it feels more like a conversation with a friend or mentor than a lecture. 

There’s also a good bit of storytelling.  Why? 

Well—for starters, studies have proven the use of stories significantly helps to improve learning outcomes.  Secondly, as your instructors, it’s more fun for us to tell a story than it is to act like your human glossary or calculator.  And lastly, after years of talking about money and teaching people in-person and online—we know this approach works.  People are far more likely to remember a story we tell and the financial result of a decision from a moment in our life than a data point gleaned from the Chief Economist from some fancy investment firm.

So you’ll hear about some of our early investor experiences, the embarrassing story of the day our son was born and several of our personal experiences with investing to help ensure the key message sticks.  

But that’s not all.  

The Making Money Grow workbook

The class also includes an accompanying printable workbook.  It has summaries of all the lessons, personal assessments, checklists and a curated list of resources you can use to further build on your newfound financial knowledge.  There’s also plenty of notes pages and space for journal entries because we believe it’s critical to capture the emotional side of investing and learning. This way, when you’re done, you can compare how you felt when you started the class versus when you finished.  

Lastly, we introduce learners to the two core skills and five behaviors we’ve found to be critical to being a good investor.  The two skills are math and literacy.  And the five behaviors are focus, discipline, wisdom, clever and surrender. Let’s face it, you can’t learn about investing without a baseline understanding of arithmetic and financial vocabulary.  And even if you’ve developed those skills, you still need to manage the flood of emotions that impact your decision making throughout the process.  

Who is Making Money Grow for?

Well, we believe everyone should know how to invest with confidence and clarity in their decision making.  So, the better question is—who isn’t this class for? 

Making Money Grow isn’t for people with a fully formulated investing philosophy and habits to match.  We have ZERO interest in trying to convert anyone who is already committed to stock picking, finding hacks to use insurance as an investment tool or spending their days trading stock options. But if you’ve had a passive, hands-off, look-but-don’t-touch relationship with investing in the past—this class is definitely for you!

Making Money Grow is for the frustrated seasoned professional, the hard-working head-of-household, and/or the young up-and-comer looking to gain confidence in their understanding of investing. The people who are tired of feeling left out of the conversation or intimidated whenever the topic of investing comes up. Maybe you’ve been investing for years but you aren’t quite seeing the results you hoped for and you’re not entirely sure why. Maybe you’re confused because there’s so much content and information available, you’re not sure where to start. Or maybe you’re just tired of always nodding your head in agreement with your financial advisor despite having no clue what they’re saying or that it may be costing you money.

If that sounds like you—then Making Money Grow is for you!

Not for you? That’s ok…you can gift the class to someone else who needs it! Click here

Whether we like it or not; investing is a life skill. And unless you anticipate a large sum of money landing in your lap someday; you’ll eventually have to live off the money you’ve saved and invested throughout your career. This means, if you really don’t know what you’re doing right now; you run the risk of…

  1. overpaying for financial advice [about ⅓ of your lifetime earnings)
  2. making poor and expensive investment decisions 
  3. taking on unnecessary risk that adds stress to your life
  4. All of the above 

It doesn’t have to be this way and we’re confident that after completing this class; you’ll have had multiple breakthroughs and you’ll have developed a plan that puts you on the right track before it’s too late.

A few more details about Making Money Grow


The initial price of the class is just $249. Roughly the price of a date night for two, a room at a three star hotel or according to surveys—about a third of what the typical American spends on Christmas gifts. 

Now, we know everyone can’t afford $249 which is why we also plan on launching a scholarship program where throughout the year, we’ll give free access to people who need it but can’t afford it. We’ll be announcing more details about that soon.

We’ll also offer discounts throughout the year to make the class even more accessible to people. To ensure you’re made aware of when those opportunities become available, we highly recommend joining our mailing list, subscribing to our podcast, social media platforms and turning on notifications so you’re alerted when new content drops. 

Hosting Platform

Also, the class is hosted by Thinkific—one of the leading learning platforms. This makes it easier for us to organize the files and make updates over time. But it also gives learners a secure place for payment transactions and a private community of Making Money Grow learners to connect with. 

Last but not least, we plan to eventually host in-person versions of Making Money Grow. Though, we’ll likely start with workshops for companies that have Employee Resource Groups, non profit organizations and churches.  Again, as much as we love speaking, there are time and budget constraints to doing live events that impact our availability and the type of learning experience we believe has the most impact on learning outcomes.

So there you have it.

If you’ve been delaying learning about investing because it was too expensive, time consuming or intimidating, we hope Making Money Grow helps you overcome those problems. If you’ve read Cashing Out and wanted a bit more instruction on how to invest then consider this a continuation of Chapter 7.  But most importantly, if you’re tired of being a pawn in the great game of wealth creation that’s being played around you and you want to ensure you’re getting your fair share of the pie, then consider investing in yourself and learning how to make your money work harder for you.

We can’t wait to see you inside!

Julien and Kiersten

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