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Future Headline: Obama/ Disney ‘Supertheyro’ Collaboration Script Leaked


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In a world full of unimaginable absurdity, we spend a lot of time thinking about the future… and to where all of this insanity leads.

“Future Headline Friday” is our satirical take of where the world is going if it remains on its current path. While our satire may be humorous and exaggerated, rest assured that everything we write is based on actual events, news stories, personalities, and pending legislation.

December 15, 2025: Hackers Leak Script of Obama/Disney ‘Supertheyro’ Collaboration

Last year, Disney’s latest contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Trans-Thor: Hammer of Change, proved lackluster at the box office. In fact, it was the lowest grossing MCU film of all time, even worse than 2023’s financial and critical disaster, The Marvels.

That’s why Disney opted to shutter the franchise and come up with fresh ideas for a brand new superhero series, one which keeps up with modern trends.

Disney CEO Bob Iger teamed up with former President Barack Obama, who has become a prolific film producer since his 2023 Netflix project, Leave the World Behind.

Leave the World Behind, of course, famously took a swipe at white people as untrustworthy, and that’s apparently what prompted Iger to reach out to the former President for a collaboration.

Though the joint Obama-Disney project has been in the works for two years, it had been kept top secret… until now.

Hackers recently managed to obtain access to a sever full of emails between the Obamas and Iger, plus screenwriters and producers; apparently the server password was “123456”.

Hackers posted all of the Obama-Iger emails online, plus the movie’s current script; the project is called Activist Alliance: Justice Against the Hate Machine.

The story line follows a non-binary gender studies doctoral candidate who is exposed to an experimental substance in a Harvard lab which transforms they/them into the ‘supertheyro’ known as “Virtue Signal”.

They gain the ability to detect micro-aggressions, wrongthink, and toxic masculinity occurring anywhere on earth.

Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of oppressive thoughts, Virtue Signal teams up with “Power Shift”, a mild-mannered drag queen who works at the local library reading stories about diversity and inclusion to children by day… but fights injustice as a supertheyro by night.

Power Shift has the super ability to transform racism, misogyny, and homophobia into progress.

The main plot centers around the evil super villain Leon Musque, a wealthy heterosexual white cismale who owns the social media platform “Bitter”.

As a self-avowed “free speech absolutist”, Musque refuses to censor obvious mis- and dis-information from his platform, and the Internet becomes overrun by offensive opinions and hate speech; Virtue Signal and Power Shift team up to destroy Musque’s empire.

With the help of the Latinx pansexual eco-warrior Verde Vengeance, the three supertheyroes form the “Activist Alliance” to fight against Musque’s Bitter hate machine.

The Activist Alliance starts small— correcting small injustices and righting wrongthink wherever they can. In one scene, Virtue Signal shames an airline that forced a 700-pound woman to buy two tickets.

In another, Verde Vengeance intervenes to censor a right-wing extremist spreading misinformation about China being the source of the most carbon emissions. Then Verde Vengeance memory-holes plastic straws, so the world forgets there was ever anything but the paper kind that fall apart when moist.

When Power Shift sees the #MeToo symbol in the sky, they knows someone needs their help.

In one harrowing scene, Power Shift rushes into an office building to save a woman who had just been told, “I like your glasses,” by a male co-worker. Lecturing the man on the pain that his violence has caused, Power Shift encourages him to repent by joining a pro-Hamas rally at Harvard.

However, the Activist Alliance realizes that they are simply addressing the symptoms, and not the root cause of the problems. In a dramatic scene which takes place atop Mount Rushmore, the team realizes they need to track down and neutralize the source of Leon’s power: conservative straight white cis-males.

“We need to re-educate straight white cis-males everywhere,” says Virtue Signal, while re-carving George Washington’s face into Barack Obama’s. “We have to find someone who looks like them and can convince them to go into re-education camps.”

It’s at this point that John Cena makes a cameo appearance. Speaking only in Mandarin, he uses Leon Musque’s social media platform against him to broadcast an impassioned speech across the world.

Cena convinces white cismales to follow him into reeducation camps, saying (translated from Mandarin), “True, some of us may never emerge from the camps. Some of us are too far gone. But that is simply a sacrifice we must be willing to make for the greater good.”

It’s reported that the re-education camp scenes in the movie will be filmed in real camps on location in the Xinjiang province were China typically houses its Uyghur ethnic minority.

Mr. Obama apparently reached out to President Xi personally to secure the deal and get China’s backing for the movie.

According to emails between Iger and Obama, the two, “fully expect this to be a huge blockbuster,” and “feel this could really make a difference in the world, to the extent that we should prepare for the Oscars, Golden Globes, etc.”

No word yet on whether the hack and leak of the script will affect plans to release the film next summer.



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