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“Singapore is NOT EXPENSIVE!” — Swiss woman says


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“Singapore is NOT EXPENSIVE!” — Swiss woman says

SINGAPORE: Swiss content creator Mary Müller got many online users talking after posting a video where she claimed “Singapore is not expensive.”

“Singapore is NOT EXPENSIVE!” Ms Müller wrote in her video caption. “Even though Singapore is known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world, it can be really affordable with cheap food and the many free things to do.

You just have to know what and where. That is what I am here for.”

The food, travel, and lifestyle content creator made her case in the short video. “Singapore can actually be really cheap,” she said. “At Toa Payoh, you can find fresh fruits for only S$1. There’s also a value shop where you can find a lot of cheap things.”

She also included various activities that she said don’t cost much in Singapore. “Nature activities such as the McRitchie TreeTop Hike are all free and you can even spot monkeys on the way,” she said.

“And also taking the bus is super cheap…less than S$1 per ride.”

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Video gets mixed response from online users 

Ms Müller’s video got quite a mixed response from online users. While some agreed with her, others argued that other factors should be considered.

“I am glad you are doing and exploring everything local and knowing where to find the cheap deals or live like a local,” said one.

“International studies always like to say how expensive we are – because the measure of the living standards includes things like cars, restaurants etc – the expat lifestyle.

But if you live like a local, everything can be affordable (although inflation has really increased the prices of many facets of living – especially eating out).”

Another pointed out, “You haven’t considered rent for a family and school fees,” to which Ms Müller replied, “Yes… but taxes are very low!”

“I’m glad you show the local side of Singapore too,” wrote a third. “Cars and homes are expensive here, but public transport and food can be really affordable. There’s life and things to do and see beyond MBS and Orchard Road for sure.”

Ms Müller responded, “Yes true, cars are so expensive but taxes are low too!”

A fourth shared, “I’m truly convinced as a person living in Singapore, you can make it as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. The only expensive thing is cars but in return transport is cheap…even cabs are cheap…which is a real luxury.

And housing, yeah for non-locals, expensive, for locals, the government even helps you save money for your downpayment like what…17% per year? That’s MAD! Most governments prefer emptying the pockets of their citizens.”

Still, another online user said, “If you know where to look, Singapore can compete with any ‘budget’ Asian country!”

However, there were those who were more direct in their responses, such as one who said, “Singapore is THE MOST expensive city in the world; read the news.”

One pointed out, “How about the rent.. lol.” Ms Müller responded, “Expensive… but low taxes.”

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