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Singaporean woman asks if it’s worth it to work overseas at 32 years old


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Singaporean woman asks if it’s worth it to work overseas at 32 years old

SINGAPORE: A 32-year-old woman took to an online forum on Thursday (April 18) to ask Singaporeans for advice on a major life decision. “Is it worth it to work overseas for someone who is 32 years old?” she asked.

Many responded to her post sharing their two cents on the matter. While some encouraged her to go for the “eye-opening” experience, others pointed out that she might earn more if she stayed in Singapore.

Singaporeans weigh in on moving abroad to work

Though the original post has since been taken down, the comments have been left up. Some respondents championed the idea of embracing the unknown and venturing into the global job market. They emphasized the invaluable insights and personal growth that come with international work experience.

“If you really have no attachment, I would say just do it,” advised one seasoned expatriate, highlighting the enriching nature of immersing oneself in different cultures and work environments.

Echoing this sentiment, another contributor shared their firsthand experience of working across Asia and Europe, underscoring the profound impact of such endeavors. “It is truly an eye-opener, and it will give you so much knowledge to understand what is best for you,” they affirmed, emphasizing the holistic benefits beyond financial considerations.

Conversely, pragmatic voices cautioned against overlooking the financial implications of relocating abroad. Discussions revolved around potential pay disparities, tax burdens, and the overall cost of living in foreign locales.

Despite acknowledging these challenges, individuals who had embarked on similar journeys emphasized the unparalleled rewards of international work experiences. “Life is too short for what-ifs and regrets,” remarked one respondent, reflecting on their decision to prioritize personal growth over monetary gains.

Amidst the discourse, themes of career advancement, personal fulfillment, and future regrets emerged as recurring motifs. Several contributors urged the original poster to weigh the long-term benefits of overseas employment against the immediate sacrifices, emphasizing the transient nature of youth and the importance of seizing opportunities while they last.

Ultimately, the debate underscored the complex interplay between professional aspirations, financial considerations, and personal fulfillment. As the global workforce continues to evolve, the decision to pursue international opportunities remains deeply personal, with no one-size-fits-all answer.

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