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My friend treats me like I’m his ATM machine: ‘How do I force him to return my money?’


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My friend treats me like I’m his ATM machine: ‘How do I force him to return my money?’

SINGAPORE: A man shared on social media that his best friend has been treating him like an ATM machine, regularly borrowing money from him without fully returning it.

Tired of this set-up, the man sought advice from Singaporeans on an online forum on Sunday (April 14), asking them, “How do I force my friend to return my money?”

He explained that during the past five months, from October to February, he has been lending his best friend a minimum of S$600 per month because “he was broke or had no money to pay for premiums like Disney Plus.”

“I know he eats a lot, but I legit don’t know what other stuff he spent other than food. Then one of my classmates talked to him, and he said he was trying to change, but he didn’t.”

“He originally owed me like $140 at first, then only returned $40 in 5 damn months. Then in March he returned me $30. But for some damn reason, now he owes me $103.90.

I know he quit his PT (part-time) since IA (internship) was starting in Oct since I also quit my PT, so I understand he couldn’t pay me back.”

However, after the internship, his best friend took a break instead of finding another part-time job. And his mum never gave him an allowance during that period either, so again, he had no way of getting his money back.

“Then recently, I asked if he could return me $50, and I told him that since he owes me already, he might as well return me back. Then he being a damn b**tard, he only returned $3.90.”

“You have to stop lending him more money. You are not his walking atm”

In the comments section, Singaporean Redditors told the man that the chances of getting his money back were slim.

However, a few still suggested strategies he could try, such as sending weekly reminders via WhatsApp or informing his friend’s parents about the debt.

They also emphasized that someone who behaves like that isn’t a true friend and encouraged the man to sever ties once he gets his money back or if it becomes clear that he won’t.

One Redditor said, “He borrowed money and spend on non-essential (yes, subscription to streaming service is non-essential) and you still want to lend him some more? He borrowed money and never return and you still consider him your friend?

Wake up already! Haven’t you heard of the saying, ‘Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me’?

While another shared, I’ve had a few friends who borrowed money or attempted to borrow money and it never ends, and I used to feel bad if I don’t lend them the money.

When it comes to time to pay back there’s always excuse after excuse. Save yourself the potential headache the next time someone wants borrow money and just decline politely.

A third Redditor chimed in, writing, “Wow. Your friend so broke already still can subs to disney+ and all.

You have to stop lending him more money. You are not his walking atm. Tell him if he wants to earn money, WORK. There is no such things as free money.”

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