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HomelendingHong Kong Consumers Prioritise Credit Monitoring, TransUnion Study Finds

Hong Kong Consumers Prioritise Credit Monitoring, TransUnion Study Finds


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A recent study by TransUnion has highlighted a substantial increase in credit monitoring services among consumers in Hong Kong. Enrollments surging by over 194 percent in the three months leading up to September 2023 compared to the same period in 2021 marks one of the highest growth rates observed globally.

The report also shows a strong recognition of the importance of credit monitoring, with 84 percent of Hong Kong consumers considering it crucial for managing their financial health. Notably, 59 percent of these consumers review their credit reports quarterly.

Hong Kong Consumers Prioritise Credit Monitoring, TransUnion Study Finds

Nidhi Verma

According to Nidhi Verma, co-author of the study and vice president of International Research and Consulting at TransUnion,

“The expansion in consumer credit monitoring has been significantly influenced by recent global events, including the pandemic, which heightened awareness of financial security and the need to prevent credit fraud.”

The study categorises credit monitoring consumers into three distinct segments: Credit Seekers (45 percent), who monitor their credit to acquire new loans; Credit Managers (28 percent), who aim to manage debt and prevent fraud; and Credit Improvers (27 percent), who are focused on enhancing their credit profiles.

Further findings reveal that Hong Kong consumers appreciate the benefits of free credit monitoring services, with 33 percent citing cost-free access as a critical motivator. This is supported by the additional benefits reported by users, such as improved visibility into credit report changes and better management of credit scores.

Weihan Suncredit monitoring Hong Kong

Weihan Sun

Weihan Sun, principal of Research and Consulting for Asia Pacific at TransUnion, added,

“The expectation for free credit monitoring services is growing among consumers. These tools not only help improve credit profiles but also foster a deeper understanding and management of credit, which in turn can inspire consumer trust and drive growth for financial institutions.”

The study highlights a rising trend among financial institutions to incorporate educational resources that help consumers effectively manage their credit.

Additionally, TransUnion representatives stressed the importance of financial literacy and awareness, particularly for younger individuals entering the credit market.

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