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Monday, February 6, 2023

Andre Bothma

A potential property option for Italy’s Golden Visa program in 2023?

When discussing the best places to live or retire in Europe, it’s impossible to overlook Italy. Boasting gorgeous landscapes, friendly people, a rich cultural history as well as reasonable living costs – especially in its southern regions – Italy is a fantastic lifestyle destination. Renowned as the home of La Dolce Vita – The Sweet […]

Thailand Elite Visa Program 2023: What are the Pros and Cons?

Thailand, for decades, has been a bucket list destination for backpackers, retirees and long-term travelers. Yet in terms of its long-term visa options, the choices used to be limited. Fortunately, the arrival of the Thailand Elite visa program in 2003 changed all of that. Let’s have a look at the program’s pros and cons below… […]

Important new changes to Turkey’s CBI Program for 2023

For the past five years, Turkey’s Citizenship By Investment (CBI) program has enjoyed massive popularity, despite a 2022 price increase to $400K on the RE option. Yet in 2023, there are a number of important new program changes to be aware of. Let’s get into the details below… Turkey is a phenomenal country in many […]

Four New Digital Nomad Visa Programs for 2023

In the past two years, the meteoric rise of Digital Nomad Visas around the world has really given credence to the idea of “Government-As-A-Service”. Remote workers are now spoiled for choice – and in 2023, we expect at least another four exciting programs to join the global roster. It’s a refrain we hear a lot […]

The official Portuguese Digital Nomad Visa we’ve all been waiting for

Over the years, Portugal’s popular D7 Residency has been called many names: Passive Income Visa. Retirement Visa. Digital Nomad Visa (which, technically, it was NOT). But as of October 31, 2022, the country now has an actual Digital Nomad Visa (DNV). Let’s get into the details below… Long-stay visas for Europe have long been a […]

Incoming Changes to Golden Visa and CBI Programs in 2023

When it comes to Residency and Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programs, the only constant is change. In today’s episode, we look at changes to some of the world’s leading Golden Visa and CBI Programs, starting in January 2023. CBIs and Golden Visas: Key program changes expected in 2023 Residency and Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programs […]

Ecuador’s new Digital Nomad Visa program unpacked

The South American nation of Ecuador is one of the latest countries in the world to launch an official Digital Nomad Visa. And we’re pleased to report that it looks pretty decent. Let’s get into the details below… Boasting stellar beaches, tropical jungles and cooler mountain towns, Ecuador is a place we’ve frequently visited, and […]


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