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Friday, March 24, 2023

Kurt Cobb

Satellite Waste Is Becoming A Huge Problem

Here we go again. Satellite companies that plan to put tens of thousands of satellites into orbit to create space-based internet and cellphone networks are about to reach the final frontier for human degradation of the environment, outer space. And, th...

Controversial Cost-Cutting Measures To Blame For Ohio Derailment Disaster

Complex, tightly networked systems run very efficiently and can work with precision for long periods, until they don't. Money saved on the front end can be lost in one catastrophic accident. There is no better recent example than the derailment of a No...

A Water Crisis Is Looming Over Western United States

The most recent poster child for the failure to understand resource limits is the town of Rio Verde Foothills, an unincorporated part of Maricopa County in Arizona adjacent to Scottsdale. The town's residents were blindside recently, when the City of S...

Between Drought And Flood: California Faces Extreme Weather

"Global warming" morphed into "climate change" which now seems inadequate to describe the weather chaos we are experiencing on planet Earth.* The recent "atmospheric rivers" which have drenched California have been a catastrophe causing an estimated $1...

What Options Do Global Industries Have To Lower Fossil Fuel Consumption?

Few of us think about heat as an essential ingredient in the products we use every day. And, yet industrial process heat constitutes two-thirds of all energy used by industry. It is used to melt and form metals, to make ceramics, to refine crude oil, t...


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